why changing your routine in winter, could be the best thing for your hair

why changing your routine in winter, could be the best thing for your hair

winter is here, and that cold, dry air can leave you with brittle, damaged hair. as the weather changes, your hair care routine should change with it. the harsh winds and freezing temperatures can cause dryness, static, and even breakage. instead of getting stuck in the same old routine, take these steps to show your hair a little love this winter and get back your hydrate, shiny mane.

adjust your diet
between a carb-filled thanksgiving and a sweets-filled holiday season, citrus doesn’t tend to be a priority for most of us and chances are, you’re running low on vitamin C. did you know missing this key vitamin could cause hair loss? turns out, the production of collagen relies on this vitamin. and collagen contains multiple amino acids found in keratin; your hairs primary building block. try adding a vitamin C supplement to your daily routine. additionally, always make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

swap your shampoo & conditioner
to give your hair a little boost, try swapping your usual shampoo and conditioner for a repairing duo. privé’s damage fix shampoo and conditioner are the perfect pair to revitalize your tortured locks without having to give up the curling iron. together these two work to hydrate and strengthen your hair’s elasticity. not to mention the silky soft texture you’ll no doubt notice after just one wash!

avoid hot water
while it may be tempting to shower in extra hot water to fend off winter goosebumps, try dropping the temp to lukewarm or even cool. hair experts say washing with too hot of water can actually be the cause of your itchy dry scalp and hair. be gentle with your hair, especially during the winter.

oil up for more hydration
if you’re hair is anything like mine, you shy away from any hair oils. for those of us with thinner hair, even the smallest amounts of hair oils can ruin a good hair day. but with prive’s vanishing oil, all it takes is one drop, spread through damp or dry hair. the end result; shiney, well-hydrated hair with absolutely no leftover residue! no more accidental grunge looks at work.

brush when dry
although it may be easiest to brush your hair right after a deep condition in the shower, Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, M.D. suggests otherwise. the dermatologist from the Cleveland Clinic states, hair is more fragile when wet. so give your hair some time to air dry before running a soft-pronged brush through it.

now that you’ve got the tips and tricks, switch up your hair care routine this season. before you know it, your tendrils will be soft, hydrated, and healthy once again.

- Leslie Berlin, guest writer
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