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it’s all about the pomegranate

when it comes to taking care of your hair, skin, and body—it’s really all about pomegranate. here’s a look at the many benefits pomegranates hold to help you understand why it is one of the biggest stars in our powerhouse ingredients blend.

bamboo meets privé products

this ingredient deserves a special spotlight when it comes to understanding why it should be considered a healthy hair care staple.

making the world a better place, one Evening En Blanc event at a time

learn more about Project Beauty Share's Evening En Blanc 2021 and the goal they have set for this year's event.

let's go to the beach

planning your next day by the sea but don’t know what to pack? we have you covered. from leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo to sunscreen and chic accessories, here are a few of our favorite beach bag staples. 

your go-to summer hair care tips

beat the heat with these tips and products to keep your hair cool for summer.

privé in pasadena

take a peek behind the scenes at our 2019 photoshoot and enjoy the work of our inspirator, collette silva!

8 ways to create less waste this spring

discover how to incorporate habits that will generate less waste into your daily routine. for earth month, and for every day, let's make a pledge to build lifestyle habits that promote a healthier, more sustainable planet. stumped on how to go about creating less waste? we've done the hard part....

check off our 2020 spring beauty bucket list with us

these picks on our 2020 spring beauty bucket list will be big in the new year, including acne patches, cleansing oil, and privé products for your shower. whether it’s the dry winter months affecting your skin and hair or you’re just looking to shake up your beauty routine, spring is...

why changing your routine in winter, could be the best thing for your hair

we all know how cold weather affects our skin, but did you know winter takes a toll on your hair too? winter is here, and that cold, dry air can leave you with brittle, damaged hair. as the weather changes, your hair care routine should change with it. the harsh...