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touching lives and uplifting women in need

this event was a heartwarming display of solidarity and compassion, Project Beauty Share’s signature event, Evening en Blanc brought together a diverse community to uplift and support women in need. this inspirational event, held at the Historic Museum of flight resonated with the core values of empathy, empowerment, and change....

the beauty is in the giving: privé's sponsorship of evening en blanc

in the heart of the pacific northwest, evening en blanc, Project Beauty Share's signature event, brings together a community united by a powerful mission - to restore hope and dignity to women and their families. as Project Beauty Share's premier sponsor, we are committed to giving back. this extraordinary event...

looking back on international women's day and celebrating earth day

this month, we wrapped up international women’s month and as earth day approaches, we want to show how privé saves the planet. read on to learn more.

our ceo joins the phorest salon software podcast

our ceo, shay hoelscher, recently joined the phorest fm podcast.

sweet as can be

privé and this powerhouse ingredient are like two peas in a pod. 

Empowering Woman of the Month: Shay Hoelscher

Shay Hoelscher, CEO and owner of privé products is our Empowering Woman of the month of March! Read about Shay's business journey and advice she gives to women who wish to become future entrepreneurs.   What did you do before starting your business? 35+ years in the Beauty Industry, holding...

compare contrast hair sprays

your hair spray should fit your mood. whether you’re looking for texture, a flexible, everyday hold, or a trustworthy firm hold, privé has three different hair spray formulas to cater to your unique hairstyling needs. take a look:  finishing texture spray we all have those days where our hair is...

make green tea your go to

one of the world’s most-consumed beverages, second only to water - green tea is said to have originated in china from the camellia sinensis plant. tea has a rich cultural history surrounding it, from the boston tea party to the traditional japanese tea ceremony to ancient medicinal uses. as one...

winter wonders

walk in a winter wonderland with these nourishing products. the winter months can do a number on our hair. while we all appreciate cozy evenings filled with hot tea and warm blankets, or that nostalgic feeling of waking up to a shimmery dusting of snow outside–the dryness and cold weather...