check off our 2020 spring beauty bucket list with us

check off our 2020 spring beauty bucket list with us

whether it’s the dry winter months affecting your skin and hair or you’re just looking to shake up your beauty routine, spring is the perfect time to try something new! get out of your beauty routine rut by making a spring beauty bucket list. this can be any and all things beauty you’d like to test out or become more consistent with. check out our list below to help spark some ideas:

1. acne patches

we all know popping pimples and picking at blemishes is not the way to go if you don’t want to damage your skin. enter Zitsticka, the microdart acne patch! this tiny, nearly invisible sticker has 24 microdarts that penetrate below the surface of the skin to release a clearing serum that will stop a zit right in its tracks. it's also backed by dermatologists, and vegan and cruelty-free!

2. treat yourself to a professional facial

going to a professional for your first facial can be life-changing! not only will you get pampered - and be tempted to fall asleep - but you’ll be able to feel how gentle the facialist is with your skin. take the time to ask them questions about products, techniques, and best skin practices that you can then apply to your routine at home. there are also so many kinds of facials, so be sure to do a little research to see what will work best for you and your skin type.

3. try a gradient manicure

one of the hottest manicure trends for spring 2020 - gradient nails. try soft neutrals for an everyday look, monochromatic tones, or even 10 different warm colors for a more bold, playful vibe. the possibilities are endless!

4. try privé’s moisture rich shampoo and conditioner

this spring, give your hair a little extra love with privé’s moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. after the dry winter months, this power couple will hydrate, moisturize, and detangle your brittle hair, making it fresh for spring!

5. drinking water - a way to make sure you're getting enough every day

water is easily one of the most essential ingredients to healthy skin and hair. after all, your body is made up of mostly water. ideally, you should aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. now if this seems like an impossible feat for you, try setting benchmarks throughout the day— make yourself finish a 16 oz. water bottle before you get to have that first cup of coffee, or by noon, have drunk half of your daily total. try switching water for tea, or adding a sugar-free flavoring if plain water gets boring for you.

6. skin checkup with a dermatologist

most of us know we should see our primary care doctor at least once a year, but did you know the same rule applies to seeing your dermatologist? according to Arizona Dermatology, it’s best practices to see your dermatologist at least once a year even when your skin, hair, and nails are in healthy condition. this regular checkup will help ensure you are maintaining your health. a dermatologist can provide better insight when it comes to acne, skin cancer, psoriasis, scar and wart removal, general skin education, and more. best to get advice from an expert!

7. find brands that align with your values

invest in beauty brands that share your values. privé has partnered up with Project Beauty Share, which provides women and families affected by poverty, abuse, homelessness, and addiction with beauty and hygiene products. Project Beauty Share strives to help restore dignity to women and their families that have been marginalized. Not only do privé’s products stand up to their promise, but they give back to the community.

8. make a dermaplaning appointment

first off, you might be wondering what dermaplaning even is. well, basically, it is a gentle scraping done with a scalpel to the surface of your skin. this process must be done by a licensed aesthetician. the purpose is to remove dead skin and peach fuzz, making your face super soft and ready to absorb your skin care products and can also help prevent breakouts. this process is safe for all skin types, according to Dr. Melissa Droft, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon. but if you are experiencing a severe breakout or some high sensitivity, you may want to wait.

9. try a hair mask

our intensive mask breathes life back into dry frizzy locks. this product works for all hair types! if you're looking for more hydration, higher shine, and better texture, give this a try.

10. find your signature scent

gone are the days where you need to settle for generic, one-size-fits-all products, and this includes your perfume. finding your signature scent can be a fun way to distinguish yourself from others and enhance your personal brand. there are lots of custom fragrance builders out there, but so far, waft is my favorite. they ask you step by step questions on your preferences and where you’ll be wearing the perfume and then match you with a perfumer who will build your custom fragrance. not to mention you get cute customized packaging to go with!

11. customize your daily vitamins

everybody is so different, and what works for your friend might not work for you. try taking a vitamin deficiency test online to help identify your symptoms and which vitamins you could be missing in your diet. now it’s important to note, while online tests are helpful, always consult with your doctor before taking a new supplement, even basic vitamins.

12. wrinkle smoothing patches

even though some of you may be blessed with hydrated, smooth, acne-free skin, none of us can avoid aging. as we get older, our skin loses its elasticity, and that’s when we start to see sagging and wrinkles. try an easy-to-use wrinkle smoothing patch. these work to compress the skin, keeping it smooth while drawing moisture to the surface without the fuss of creams that you’ll need to wash off.

13. go foundation-free

now, i know this may sound impossible, considering most of us have been wearing foundation on a daily basis since our early teens, but bear with me. letting your skin breathe without foundation will help keep pores cleaner and help your skin refind its balance. if you’re like me, you’ve tried lots of foundations, and more often than not, they are cakey, never the perfect shade, and don’t give you the flawless finish you’re hoping for. still not ready to kick the foundation? - try it on just weekends to start and slowly increase the number of days every couple of weeks.

14. try a new styling product

if you have natural curls, give them a boost with privé’s curl cream. this product has quickly become my favorite for a daily loose curl look. the cream magnifies your natural curls and even adds shine and some volume! the earthy citrus scent is light and great for everyday wear.

15. ditch the makeup wipes and go for a cleansing oil

makeup wipes have become increasingly popular because they are so easy to use and travel with, but most of them are very hard on the skin. they can leave your face feeling irritated, red, and covered in a pore-clogging layer of residue. recently, my facialist recommended trying a cleansing oil which will help hydrate, soften, and cleanse without stripping the skin of natural oils.

16. learn how to properly apply all of your beauty products

this seems obvious, but honestly, most of us are doing it wrong. check out this article on the correct process for using your products. as a general rule of thumb, put the lighter and thinner products on first and follow with the heavier and thicker ones after.

by Leslie Berlin, guest writer
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