deep-diving into charcoal

deep-diving into charcoal

if you have been anywhere near the beauty aisle at your local pharmacy, superstore, or make-up destination in the past five years or so, you can be sure that you have seen products that contain charcoal. while the increase of charcoal-based products may seem abrupt and even a bit strange–don’t let it fool you into thinking this is just another fad. charcoal has countless benefits for health and wellness–particularly in terms of your hair and scalp. here’s a quick deep-dive into charcoal to give you a feel for why it is one of our favorite powerhouse ingredients


health benefits of charcoal

a carbon compound created by exposing wood to intense heat and little oxygen, charcoal is best known for heating and cooking–but people have used charcoal for its wellness properties for a lot longer than you might think. 

first, let’s get one thing straight: the difference between charcoal and activated charcoal. in short, activated charcoal is produced at much higher temperatures than typical charcoal. because of this, activated charcoal becomes a filtration tool and is significantly more absorbent. note that activated charcoal is also the ingredient you tend to see on beauty packaging. 

because of its filtration and absorbing properties, activated charcoal is necessary for many hospitals, as it is used to soak up toxins that an individual has ingested. in addition to this life-saving way to use charcoal, the natural ingredient has also been linked to reducing cholesterol levels and promoting kidney function. 

in terms of wellness products, activated charcoal is present in many toothpastes due to its whitening capabilities and certain deodorants, thanks to its ability to neutralize odors. 


charcoal and skin

in skincare, we tend to see charcoal in the form of face masks, cleansers, and spot treatments, which makes complete sense when you hear about the variety of benefits activated charcoal can have on our skin. 

just like in medicine, charcoal’s absorbent, detoxifying qualities come into play when we use it in skincare. the powerful ingredient helps to draw toxins out of your skin, which can improve impurities as well as treat and prevent acne.

in addition, charcoal can make a great exfoliator, treat skin conditions like eczema, minimize pores, and clear challenging to remove, often painful blackheads and whiteheads. 


haircare and charcoal

when it comes to activated charcoal and haircare–aka our favorite place to find the ingredient–it's all about detoxifying, cleansing, and volume. 

charcoal is virtually a must when it comes to scalp care. when found in a cleanser or shampoo, charcoal helps to remove toxins from your hair and scalp, as well as erase dead-skin cells, oil, build-up from not-so-nice hair care products, and excess sebum. it can also assist with many scalp conditions and their side effects, such as helping treat itchiness and discomfort resulting from dermatitis. 

finally, charcoal is a natural volumizer and can leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller, and more vibrant when worked into your hair care routine. 


charcoal, meet privé

at privé, we plucked charcoal from a wide variety of natural ingredients because of its dynamic cleansing and detoxifying abilities.

a main character of our amp up shampoo, this powerhouse ingredient provides a deep cleanse and weightless volume–all in one silicone-free shampoo. we’ve paired this deep cleanser with rosemary for growth and circulation, as well as mint for a spa-like, calming scent. this charcoal-infused product is a must for those looking for unparalleled body and incredible shine. 

after getting up close and personal with this unexpected superstar, do you understand why we love charcoal? 



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