all about that baobab

all about that baobab

chances are you’ve never heard of this spotlight ingredient. well, now is your chance to learn everything you need to know. say hello to baobab: the plant changing the hair care world for the better. 

a variety of deciduous trees indigenous to Africa, Madagascar, and Australia, these beauties are often referred to as “upside-down trees” due to their unique growing patterns. unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, almost as if they’re from right out of a fantasy movie, baobabs also have otherworldly properties when it comes to health and nutrition.

here’s a look at why we’re so happy to have baobab as one of our powerhouse blend ingredients.  


baobab & nutrition

the health benefits of baobab seem almost endless. their citrus-like fruit is packed with vitamin C (over 10 times that of an orange!), calcium, protein, and fiber, while its seeds—which are often ground up into powder in order to be consumed—are rich in phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. because of baobab’s high concentration of these essential nutrients, it is said to aid in overall immune system and digestive health. 

but its medicinal properties don’t end there. for centuries, baobab has been used to treat fevers, malaria, and even tuberculosis. combine that with its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties, as well as its ties to preventing anemia and asthma, and you have yourself one wonder of a tree. 


baobab & beauty  

due to the nutritional elements mentioned above, baobab is a perfect natural ingredient for boosting hydration when it comes to our skin and hair. 

high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and omegas, when used as an oil for your skin, baobab is said to lighten dark spots, increase collagen, and heal dry skin and your natural skin barrier. it’s incredibly gentle, and therefore might be found in a favorite cleanser, moisturizer, serum, or lip balm for those with sensitive skin. 

in terms of hair care, baobab is all about moisture. similar to its benefits when it comes to skincare, when used in hair products baobab can heal a dry scalp and damaged hair, smoothing out any unwanted frizz and mending weak, brittle tresses.


baobab & privé

at privé, baobab oil and baobab proteins appear in several products—we just can’t get enough! 

a shining star of our amp up duo and damage fix conditioner, baobab is used to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. in smooth operator, the perfect styling cream for halting frizz and adding shine, baobab provides a boost of hydration and works to protect your hair from hot tools and environmental aggressors like pollution and the sun. 

the best ingredients aren’t always the most obvious, and this unique plant is just one of the many hidden gems that make up our clean, all-natural blend. but when it comes to a powerhouse that truly hits all the marks—bring on the baobab.

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