touching lives and uplifting women in need

touching lives and uplifting women in need

this event was a heartwarming display of solidarity and compassion, Project Beauty Share’s signature event, Evening en Blanc brought together a diverse community to uplift and support women in need. this inspirational event, held at the Historic Museum of flight resonated with the core values of empathy, empowerment, and change. this event had a stronger call to action as this local community had experienced loss of life and homes due to a historic wildfire that left huge devastation in its wake 1 day before. this made the event even more impactful. 

the evening commenced with  a flurry of excitement, as attendees arrived dressed in all white with an elegantly adorned venue in all white. the ambiance was set with soft  lighting and the doors opened onto the runway with historic planes in the background. 

the sense of unity was powerful, as guests from various walks of life gathered for a greater cause. 

the fundraising event was graced by series of poignant speeches that underscored the importance of lifting  women out of challenging circumstances and giving them hope to build  their confidence and independence and regain their dignity.

activists and survivors themselves shared moving anecdotes that highlighted the power of collective action and kindness.

one the of the highlights of the evening was the silent auction, featuring many local experiences and a desert dash to bid on a decadent desert to be shared at each table and ending with the live auction that we donated an experience to ride in the privé race car ( a Porsche Factory race car ) with our SHEO who is a racing driver, we raised  $10,500 for this experience.

Evening en Blanc left an indelible mark on everyone involved. it was a testament to the remarkable capacity of a community to come together and make a meaningful difference in lives of women facing adversity. Evening en Blanc success spoke in volumes about inherent goodness of humanity and the power of love, compassion, and empathy to drive positive change.

I am so proud to share that the event raised $200,000 and we helped contribute $45,000 of this total amount to make our world a better place.

attendees left the venue with hearts full of hope and inspiration, they carried with them the understanding that their contributions would continue to ripple out, transforming lives long after the event ended.

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