our philosophy


 welcome to the new privé, reinvented with new ownership, new products, new formulations, and new packaging. we are a new company designed for today's world.

we're a collective of experienced beauty industry professionals intent on using business as a force for good.

we combine the ethos of the traditional beauty industry and modern digital channels for education, social sharing, marketing, and purchasing our products.

get to know us and you will fall in love.


we live for good hair days, but we know you can't spend hours on your morning routine. our products are powered by the highest performing natural ingredients on the planet, developed to simplify your regimen. privé shampoos and conditioners are pure enough to use as skincare, because asking for products that perform AND smell incredible AND help in achieving that "natural look" in our shower is NOT too much to ask for.

personal style and authenticity will win over any trend, any day. the best style is seen on a street, at a coffee shop or the jogging trail, so get out there. we kept you in mind for every decision we made, and we know you will love it.

you're good with us. our salon-quality products are made at our own facility with the cleanest water in america. we never add gluten to our manufacturing process or test on animals.

proudly crafted in the USA.