winter wonders

winter wonders

walk in a winter wonderland with these nourishing products.

the winter months can do a number on our hair. while we all appreciate cozy evenings filled with hot tea and warm blankets, or that nostalgic feeling of waking up to a shimmery dusting of snow outside–the dryness and cold weather of the season can cause dullness, damage, and even stunt hair growth. 

in order to beat those winter hair blues, here’s a look at the best products to use for imparting moisture to your dry hair and skin. 


moisture rich shampoo and conditioner 

with a clean and fresh scent of citrus, florals, and amber, our moisture rich shampoo utilizes baobab and kukui oil to deliver intense hydration and a new life to tired locks. when paired with its counterpart, our moisture rich conditioner, this duo will moisturize, detangle, and strengthen hair.  


intensive mask 

on those days when your hair could use an additional pick-me-up, the intensive mask is the way to go. this silicone-free mask combats excessive damage by transforming your hair with a deeply penetrative formula that moisturizes, nourishes, and rejuvenates. its key powerhouse ingredients include jojoba, quinoa, and baobab proteins. to use, simply apply to hair in the shower, focusing on the ends, leave in for approximately three minutes, and rinse. for optimal results, use this product once a week to fight dead ends in the dead of winter. 


prep & protect 

while we’re on the topic of preventing damage–our prep & protect spray is yet another must for the winter months. this product detangles, repairs, and controls frizz. most importantly, however, it protects against damage from thermal and hot tools. nobody should have to stop using their favorite curling wand or straightener simply because the dryness of winter is bringing them down. with the super hydration and shine prep & protect provides–you don’t have to make any styling sacrifices. 


hand & body lotion

and last, but certainly not least, add some winter wonder to your daily routine with a good hand and body lotion. with the same clean, fresh scent of the moisture rich duo, our original hand & body lotion is made with aloe vera in order to impart intense hydration and a satin-like matte finish. looking for something a little bit different? our refresh + reenergize hand & body lotion contains rosemary and peppermint essential oils–perfect for the winter mood. this self-care staple will leave your skin hydrated and silky smooth. not to mention, these specific essential oils actually improve circulation, adding an extra boost of energy and brightness to dull, dry skin.

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