bamboo meets privé products

bamboo meets privé products

ingredient spotlight: bamboo

bamboo: a gorgeous perennial indigenous to china that has made its way across the globe. from lush, bamboo forests in south america, right to your own backyard—these evergreen shoots have a wide variety of benefits. 

while they can be consumed—and are even cited to help those with certain medical conditions including cardiovascular and endocrine disorders—bamboo makes an appearance in our products due to its ability to work wonders on your hair. 

once you bring this magical plant into your beauty routine, you’ll see for yourself, but this ingredient deserves a special spotlight when it comes to understanding why it should be considered a healthy hair care staple.

what makes bamboo so special? 

perhaps the most stand-out quality of bamboo in terms of its use in beauty products is that it is exceptionally high in silica. in fact, bamboo is said to have one of the highest concentrations of the essential mineral in the natural world, boasting a 70 percent silica content. 

silica is a naturally occurring compound on our planet and in our bodies. similar to certain proteins in our body, however, like collagen, our silica content depletes over time. it isn’t a huge issue, just a natural effect of aging, but it can make our hair look and feel dull over time. that’s where using products that contain bamboo comes into the picture.

how exactly does bamboo benefit our hair?

first and foremost, bamboo will stimulate hair growth. the silica content of this plant packs a punch. bamboo won’t only aid in helping you grow your hair longer, but helping you grow your hair stronger. 

because of this, bamboo is also associated with repairing damage. for dry, brittle hair, or hair damaged by heat, chemicals, and the elements, bamboo will restore your locks and aid in retaining moisture in the future. 

overall—bamboo pretty much has it all. yes, its main accolades come in the form of reparative and growth-related benefits; it will also impart volume, increase shine, and work hard to cleanse and moisturize your scalp. 

where can i find bamboo in privé products? 

bamboo is a staple of our powerhouse blend—a collection of eleven natural, nutrient-rich ingredients set on revitalizing and strengthening your hair in a safe, healthy manner. 

this superstar plant is the leading force in our damage fix shampoo and conditioner. our damage repair shampoo perfects hair from the inside out and protects hair from additional damage, while its conditioning counterpart rejuvenates and nourishes. packed full of our spotlight, bamboo, this warm, spicy duo also features jojoba proteins to promote additional structure and elasticity. 

bamboo is truly an all-natural wonder of the world and is ever deserving of a spot in your beauty routine, your diet and your houseplant collection. 

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