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privé products pro

hydrated holidays


nourishes dry hair | smoothes frizz | softens coarse unruly hair 

this enriching duo brings intense conditioning and rejuvenating nourishment, featuring organic shea butter, baobab, and kukui oils to hydrate, smooth, detangle, and soften, restoring your hair to a moisture-rich, vibrant state. the moisture rich shampoo, a savior for dry, dull locks, gently cleanses while delivering concentrated hydration therapy, perfect for achieving smooth, vibrant hair. paired seamlessly with our scalp massaging brush, this set ensures a deep clean, bidding farewell to dead skin cells and product buildup. embrace hair filled with hydration, and indulge in the perfect blend of quench and revitalize.

clean. pure. good.

you're good with us. no gluten or animal testing on our watch. proudly crafted at our own facility with the cleanest water in america.