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join our professional affiliate program!

what does it mean to become an affiliate you might ask? think of a brand you like, a brand that you love their products and align with the brand values. we’ll bet you find it easy, natural and exciting to share your love for these products with your family, friends, and on your social media. this is what it takes to become a brand affiliate & you may already be doing it!

how it works

once approved to become an affiliate you will receive detailed instructions from our consultant, ashley. she will help you every step of the way! we want you to use your favorite clean. pure. good. privé products with friends, family and followers. share your love for privé products and earn commission at the same time!


by signing up to become an affiliate, privé will commission you for any sales you make for sharing your love for our products.


we value your voice and want to connect to help amplify it. we will provide imagery, videos, products, promo codes and more for you to learn the latest from privé and share on your social platforms.


a custom privé affiliate link will give your followers the ability to shop while you earn a 25% commission of all sales made through your link.


2. what is refersion?

A platform that tracks affiliate sales and commission.

3. where do i find my link?

In your Refersion Dashboard.

4. why do i have to have a paypal?

That is how you will be paid.

5. how often will i get paid?

On the last business day of the month. Please allow 3-5 business days to transfer over.

6. how can i make more sales?

SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! put your link on your station, front desk, in your emails to clients and text messages.

consider creating content that highlights the benefits of the products or how you use them.

7. how can i see my sales?

In your dashboard

8. will there be any support?

Our Business Consultant, Ashley will answer any questions you have. Her email is

9. how does this help stylists?

Becoming an affiliate can help supplement your income and allows you to drive sales through your social media following via a custom link.

10. how do i access imagery for privé?

In your Dashboard, there is a tab for creatives. You can pull any imagery from there to share with your following.